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Capturing Real Life…
Natural, Genuine, Spontaneous.

I am an on location photographer located in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. I prefer the use of natural light and honest smiles.

Welcome to my blog, thank you for stopping by!!!!  I use this site to post recent work, sometimes personal, sometimes professional.  Sorta like a photo diary!  You can get to know a little more about me, my children and my friends and family.

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During our meeting to talk about their wedding, M&L mentioned that they were thinking about doing their engagement session at their favorite spot to boat to, Granite Falls.  I am not a big boater… I mostly boat when visiting family in the Shuswap but of course, I’m up for anything and was totally excited by their description of the location.
In the lead up to our session, the forecast was pretty grim!  RAIN RAIN RAIN was all we’d been seeing and RAIN RAIN RAIN was all they were predicting.  But, we totally lucked out and saw a break from that rain just in time for this special day!  When they were talking about the location, they said it was a beautiful waterfall but I really didn’t know what to expect until we got there.  Normally, I would visit the location before a session, to see what we were going to be working with lighting-wise, etc… but this was just one of those ‘fly by the seats’ sorta things.  They certainly were right.  I have never seen anything so breathtaking!  Just gorgeous!!

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2 Boys and a Gal!

April showers bring May flowers.  The month of April was definitely a wet one so our fingers were definitely crossed for a beautiful day on this May 1st family session!  To be on the safe side, we set the session at Stewart Historic Farmhouse… as there are quite a few covered spots at the park… but hoped for a little sunshine so that we could be a little more free to get some fun shots!  Well, we certainly got sun!  Alot of sun 🙂  It was a gorgeous day… I didn’t even need a jacket 🙂 yay!  Love that the nicer weather is showing it’s lovely face again!

This session was definitely a fun one.  I love fun loving families that are there for a good time 🙂

Vickie… You are one hot tamale!  I couldn’t pick just one to blog 🙂

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Evan turns 1!!

What a better way to celebrate someones FIRST birthday, but with CAKE!  Cakesmash sessions are so fun.  Usually a kid takes a good look at the cake, sticks their fingers into the squishy mess, then starts crying LOL But not this guy!  He was SHOCKED that we were letting him make a big mess.  He was HAPPY to be getting in so much sugar.  And he was THRILLED to do it with us laughing and cheering him on!!! haha!  What a buttercream mess we had LOL but it was OH SO WORTH IT 🙂

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Easter 2011

Every now and then I have to remind myself the importance of being in the photograph with my family!  This Easter, we visited with family in The Shuswap.  Just before Easter dinner, I asked my 11 year old niece to quickly snap this shot of myself and my boys together!  I’m so glad I thought to do it.  I hope you all enjoyed your Easter.

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I love babies!!!  They are so cute and squishy!

Welcome Baby *K* to the world!!!  He was such a little delight our whole time together.

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Family <3

This is one fabulous family!  This session was full of alot of giggles and craziness!!  The rain that just kept trying could not stop us from having a good time!  That’s for sure.  I’m willing to bet, when it comes to these kiddos… there is NEVER a dull moment LOL

hahahaha this one just makes me giggle… so I had to LOL

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Fight Midnight!

This past month I was offered the opportunity to try something a little different.  I was given the opportunity to photograph a concert.

FightMidnight is a wicked, up and coming band with a sound of folk, blues and rocknroll.  They play hard and rock right.  You can feel their love for what they do through their energy when they perform.  If you like good music and a great time be sure to click their name to see when they’re playing next 🙂



Thanks for having me to your show guys.  All the best to you in your musical future!! ❤

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My Own Personal Boudoir

Well, I finally did it.  I took the leap and had my own boudoir photo session done.  I was nervous, because I am at the biggest weight I have ever been.  I have a ‘I’ve had 2 babies’ body and I’m a size 14-16.  I’m by no means thin.  But I’m real.  I get countless email from women saying ‘I will do it once I drop 15-20lbs’ or ‘I couldn’t do it, I’m not thin enough’.  This is to show you that you do not have to be thin to be beautiful.

I originally did this session for my husband as a Valentine’s Day gift.  But… during the session, I realized that I was doing this for me.  I now know how all of my clients feel.  I was so nervous during the planning of the session.  Picking out what I was going to wear, making sure my hair and makeup were perfect.  But, in the end the results came out better than I’d imagined.  I’d never thought of myself as ‘sexy’ before.  I didn’t think I could be.  But, when I look at these photos I do see sexy!  I see pretty even!!!  Every woman deserves to feel this way!

Thank you so much to my sister for helping me take these photographs.  ❤

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Long Lost Wedding!

OOOOPS!  I forgot to blog this wedding!  I was cleaning up my editing library today and realized I totally forgot about this one!!  😦 😦 😦

I second shot this wedding with Michelle Cervo back in August of 2010!  It was a gorgeous wedding on a gorgeous day involving gorgeous people!!

Thank you Michelle for asking me to second for you 🙂  I love spending the day with you!!

haha Michelle!!  The videographer asked us to hold his filters for a minute.  Obviously we had to have a little fun with them!

EVERY Groom plays with his ring during portraits…


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D&K Wed! <3

Yay!!  First wedding of the season.  I was having wedding withdrawls, I swear.  Thank you so much to Kendra Coupland of  Redivivus Photography (click the name to view their website) for asking me to assist you on this fabulously GORGEOUS February Day.  Honestly, this couple could not have asked for a more beautiful day!  Congratulations to you and your family D&K.  Cheers to many MANY happy years ❤

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