Posted by: michellelanaphotography | March 27, 2010

A Fantastic Night!

I love my family.  Not just my immediate, 2 boys and a husband family, I mean my ENTIRE family.  My sister and her family live up in Sorrento, BC.  They have lived there for the past couple years and it’s been really difficult for me.  My sister was my maid of honour at my wedding… so you can imagine, she’s one of my best friends.  It’s been hard, especially since she moved when I was pregnant with my first son 3.5 years ago.  Ok, this is getting sad LOL it wasn’t meant to be!!!  Last night they came down for a visit because it’s our Oma’s 80th birthday!  So, my sister is planning a birthday party for her.  We decided to take advantage of the fact that they are here for a visit (even though we’re going to be going up to her house for Easter, where we’ll be extending the long weekend from Friday to Wednesday 🙂 ) and we set up a night where we ALL get together for dinner and possibly a movie.  I come from a big family.  I have 3 sisters, all of which are married and have 2 kids (well, my baby sister is pregnant with her second, for some reason I already talk about her as if she’s got two lol).  One sister and her husband couldn’t join us… but we had a party of 9 and made our way to Olive Garden in Langley.

The wait was ridiculous.  An hour before they got us in… but my sister LOVES Olive Garden and since they don’t have restaurants like that up in Salmon Arm, we sacrificed LOL.  When they finally sat us all down, 2 managers came over to welcome us… and they gave us 2 servers… which in the end wound up being a little confusing, but it was still pretty great.  The wine flowed, my dad treated us to dinner 🙂 (thanks dad) and the conversation/company was great.  I love spending time with my family.  I love how well we all mesh with eachother and how much fun we all have.  I had the chicken parm… soooo yummy!!!  If you go there… try it!  So, delicious!  We wound up being too late to catch the movie (our boys were at my in laws place) but just the few hours we spent together at the restaurant was absolutely wonderful!!

I recommend the restaurant, if you don’t mind waiting ridiculous amounts of time to finally get a table.  lol.  But mostly, I recommend taking time out to have a night out with the people you love.  There’s really nothing better.



  1. Love that post michelle! To have a family, a best friend, a husband, and the circle of love is truly a blessing! such a nice read:) we went to go to the olive garden on friday too – it was a girls nite for me and a couple friends and the wait was over a hour and we were starving..will try again…glad you enjoyed your nite out.

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