Posted by: michellelanaphotography | March 28, 2010

A Very Steamy Boudoir…

Boudoir sessions are probably my favorite.  I love what they stand for and the way they make us ladies feel about ourselves!!  To me, boudoir means ‘girl power’.  It is absolutely empowering when we look back at the images of ourselves.  Most women that contact me to have these photos done are doing them as a gift for their significant other.  But almost always, when I ask why they want to have them done, they say ‘I want to look back at myself when I’m 80… and say “wow, Granny had it goin on!”‘.  To me, that’s the perfect reason!!  We can be so hard on ourselves as women, these are such a good way to remind ourselves that we are beautiful… and that our ‘flaws’ make us who we are.   And that maybe our ‘flaws’ aren’t flaws at all.  Because every woman has them.

This woman is fearless.  And absolutely beautiful to boot!!!  I love all her adorable little lingerie sets…

Thank you so much to Jaylene Billows for coming out to do makeup!



  1. Wowowow. These are hawt! 🙂

  2. my favorite is the 5th one up! I love the fringe!!!

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