Posted by: michellelanaphotography | April 1, 2010

Trash That Dress!

I’ve always wanted to do a trash the dress session.  When a friend of mine, Kayci, contacted me to trash hers I was all over it!!!  She was crazy.  The water she got in was SO COLD!!!  I put my feet in to get closer to her and practically cried LOL… She had her entire body in the water and was absolutely fine with it.  haha.  Thanks Kayci…  You’re so gorgeous!!!!



  1. Love the one where she is coming down the stairs:D

  2. Holy goodness. These are AMAZING. I can’t believe she SAT IN THE RIVER! It looks SO. COLD.

    • the funny part is that its supposed to be a creek, but because of all the rain and like… stormy weather we’ve had these past few days it was a fast current river LOL… i was scared she was going to float away with that 150lb soakin wet gown on LOL trust me. it was FREEEEEZING. lol trooper.

  3. oooo! I love the stairs one too!!

  4. I am absolutely NUTS about the forest ones. I can’t get over them!

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