Posted by: michellelanaphotography | May 14, 2010

Welcome to the World Baby Evan

Early Thursday morning, at 1:30am or so, I received a phone call.  I was already awake, as my baby had just woken me up to get him a bottle.  I knew what that phone call meant… we’ve been waiting very anxiously for my sister to say the words “it’s time”.   And sure enough, she said “I think my water just broke!”.  YAY!

Thank God we did her maternity photos just 2 days before!!  lol

So, off she went to get assessed.  My mom and I waited to get the call saying she was settled in a room and we could come to the hospital.

Sure enough, she was being admitted and 3cms!!  Very exciting as it took her about 10 hours to get to 3cms with her first child LOL…  She asked for the epidural and then all was happy 🙂

Her contractions were going strong and Mr. Man’s heartrate was perfect…

By about 6:30am she was complaining about pressure… which usually means baby is ready 🙂  She kicked us all out and we waited for the news… was it time to start pushing?????

YAY It WAS time!!!  And at 7:33am… my beautiful nephew was welcomed into this world.  7lbs 4oz… 21 inches line.  What a handsome little fellow!!

Checking out his shoulders, they were worried one of his shoulders was broken during delivery… luckily this was not the case and he is perfect and fully in tact!! 🙂

Taking all his measurements… turns out he’s a fairly big boy, much bigger than his big sister who was just over 6lbs when she was born almost 2 years ago.

Cutting his umbilical cord.

Getting all wrapped up and ready to see his mommy…

And then, he met his mommy for the first time… she looks different on the outside, but sounds just the same ❤  Love at first sight for both of them I think!

First family picture ❤

Granny and Nanny getting their first peeks…

And then, they got the news that Sir Evan would need to spend a little time in the NICU for observation.  Being a mother of 2 premature babies, who both spent time in the NICU and incubators (one was in for 4 days and the other 10 days)… I understood every emotion that ran through them at that moment.

Daddy’s turn to really meet his son.  His very proud mother watching so intently.

And then Nanny… Granny… and ME, Auntie Michelle, got to have our first moments with the little one.

we all took in his very adorable features…

He came out sucking his fingers I swear LOL

Getting checked out before going to the NICU

He has very long fingernails!!!

Meeting his Grandpa for the very first time… this is Grandpa’s 4th Grandson, and 8th Grandchild!

And then they brought him to his new cozy bed where he would spend the next 24 hours …

I love how he’s laying… his legs cross legged 🙂  And he has very big feet… his big toe is big!  He takes after me!

Witnessing the birth of a child is the most amazing experience.  It’s such a beautiful thing.  Life.  There’s really no words to describe it.  I’m so blessed to be able to have been a part of these very cherished moments.  Congratulations Steph, Eric and big sister Sianna!  And welcome to the world, beautiful Evan!!



  1. Amazing!! ❤

  2. that was fantastic Michelle
    you did a great job

  3. adorable photos Michelle:)

  4. How great you were able to get pictures from it. Amazing job Michelle congrats on the nephew.

  5. Beautiful MIchelle~ amazing!

  6. Thank you so much michelle for these pictures i just love them!

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