Posted by: michellelanaphotography | June 7, 2010

I Love a Good Wedding

I’ve been very fortunate this year.  Not only do I get to photograph 7 weddings of my very own, but I’ve also had the opportunity to second shoot a number of weddings with other fantastic photographers.  On Saturday, I had the very wonderful chance to second for Michelle Cervo for the second time this year!!  🙂  Michelle is also new to the wedding game… so it’s alot of fun to get out and learn together!

This couple is so in love!  It is just so refreshing to see 2 people that love eachother SO much!  The wedding took place at Redwood Golf Course in Langley.  What a beautiful location.  And they couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day!  The sun was perfect.  The short, but very sweet ceremony was filled with so much love and laughter.  The bride had her Mother as her Bridesmaid.  I just thought that was very special.  And the groom made a silly goof during his wedding vows and told his bride he looks forward to her being his mothers children.  🙂  Pretty cute.

Anyways… lets get to it shall we?

LOVE this… after she was done wiping a tear from her cheek… she shoved the tissue into her dress LOL

haha I love this, he couldn’t keep a straight face for this pose he was dying to have…it really just shows totally, who he is.

And then they made their entrance to their reception!  … what an entrance it was!!!

Their friends clearly have great sense of humours, just like them!

During the cake … instead of feeding eachother, they threw cake in the faces of their best man and maid of honour.  haha

and then, her maid of honour decided that pay back is a sweet, sweet thing.

I love this special moment, talking with her Grandma and her Grandma’s wife. ❤

haha, Michelle even did a little dancin!

The dance floor was so fun!

All in all… it was a fabulous day!  The wedding was filled with so much FUN!  The couple is such a delight and I wish them many years of laughter and love!!!!  Thank you Michelle for having me come along to share in this wonderful day!



  1. omg! wow!!!! amazing!

  2. What awesome images Michelle! The two of you did such a nice job of capturing what looks like a great time. AND is the brides Grandma JAN? Like Jan from the library. Cuz if it is I’d like to shout out that my kids LOVE Jan 🙂

  3. Love the photos Michelle!

  4. Michelle that wedding is awesome! You captured some great moments and some really awesome lighting!! Love them all!!

  5. Michelle,
    They are beautiful! I especially love the one of them kissing with the sun behind them.

  6. BEST yet Michelle! Love them!:)

  7. Thank you so much for helping me out!!! It was such a fun day! You got some great shots!!

  8. these look amazing!!!!! I better go look at Michelle’s images too! I love the one of Michelle dancing she is so cute!

  9. Love the ceremony kissing photos. The back-lighting and sun-flare kick butt!

  10. Love these! The sun is AMAZING ❤

  11. Beautifully done Michelle! What a gorgeous wedding 🙂

  12. Great job on this wedding Michelle! I love that one of them kissing in the gazebo – gorgeous!!

  13. Hi Michelle These are just beautiful, you have real talent, imagination and one day I can say I met and spoke with you! You caught one of my back when I danced with Grant! I am so very blessed! I wish you light and hope you keep giving that talent away. Your photos would be an asset anywhere xoxoxo Jane P.S. Geoff’s Mum !!

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