Posted by: michellelanaphotography | July 16, 2010

What a Gorgeous Day!

I was so excited when Cheralee contacted me with an inquiry about a wedding.  Not only was I excited because I love photographing weddings, but Cheralee was engaged to someone that I have known for alot of years, but hadn’t seen in about 6!  We went to high school together.

Cheralee’s Mother worked very hard getting dresses and linens ready for this wedding.  She made Cheralee’s wedding gown and all of the female wedding parties attire!  She also made all the table runners and napkins and I’m sure more items for this very special occassion!  Oh yes, she also made her own gown.  What a talented woman!  You did such a beautiful job!!

We met up at Dave and Cher’s house to take part in getting makeup and hair done.  The gorgeous and talented Jessika MacLeod did the girls hair.  Everyone looked so beautiful!

Last minute… finishing touches 🙂

Everyone is starting to get nervously excited!!

Time to go!!!!

We’ve arrived at the church……

There’s just something about this shot… the way they’re all touching Cher…. And the happiness on Cher’s face.  Just something about it….

Welcome to the family, Son

Off to Stewart Historic Farm House for portraits!!  Lots of other wedding couples were in the park having portraits done… and we even were witness to a very happy union happening at the edge of the park over looking the water ❤

What a beautiful day we had too!  In the middle of that terrible fall like summer we’d been a part of the past week or so!

I just couldn’t decide which was my favorite… so I’m just going to post them all!!!

Cher is also 6.5 months pregnant… we decided to do a slightly ‘maternity-esque’ pose… teehee… we just giggled this shot away mostly LOL

Cher, you are SO beautiful!

haha not sure what we’re laughing at here… Pretty sure we were setting up another ‘maternity’ pose LOL

my personal fave… he didn’t have his sunglasses with him so I lent him mine!

haha I just love how much fun we all had!!

Then off to Crescent for some beachy photos!

Then the bus disappeared and I was left standing with the guys. LOL… I think the girls drove to the other end of the beach for a bathroom break!!  But, the guys and I had fun…

Back onto the bus…

When we arrived at the hall, I caught a certain best man finishing his speech…

Check out this cute little man!!

The reception was held at East Delta Hall.  Which, holds a special place in my heart… that’s where my husband and I celebrated our declaration of love just 5 years ago!!

This little man has a way with the ladies!


A few kind/funny words were said…

I believe one or two of Cheralee’s friends made this beautiful cake!

Then… the dance floor was opened…

Cheralee’s parents …. I just love these two!  Cher you have been blessed with such a wonderful family!!!!  ❤

Dave, you’re going to make such a great daddy!

Congratulations to my friends, Dave and Cher!!  I wish you many happy years!!  And look forward to meeting your little one in just a few months!

I’m so blessed.  Not only did I get to share in such a wonderful occassion, but I left with a very dear friend.  Cheralee, I’m so happy to have met you.  You are such a fantastic person ❤  Looking forward to spending more time with you!!


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