Posted by: michellelanaphotography | August 16, 2010


When my cousin Nadine announced her engagement, I couldn’t be happier!!!

Growing up, we were very close!  We spent endless weekends together having sleepovers and going shopping and hanging out with friends.  When she introduced us to Tyler, we could all tell there was an extra sparkle in their eyes for eachother.   I’ve honestly never seen Nadine happier!

The wedding was set to take place in the garden at The Falls Golf Course in Chilliwack.  However, the weather had another plan!  It poured this August 7th.  Unusual for an August day, but it does happen.   Everything still couldn’t been more beautiful.  Nadine, of course looked amazing.  And James, Nadine’s son looked so adorable.  As did Tyler, obviously!  Anyways… lets get to the pictures.  There’s alot!   I hope you enjoy these Nadine!!

Two of my sisters…

My Parents!

My hubby and I!

Congratulations Nadine, Tyler and James!  Many blessings to you and your future together!! ❤ Love you!



  1. Gorgeous photos Michelle! You ROCK at weddings:D

  2. these are beautiful Michelle, I am so impressed!

  3. It sure was a rainy day! You captured their day so beautifully. I especially love the image of her gown, with all of the shoes lined up underneath. GORGEOUS.

  4. Omgoodness Michelle. What beautiful pictures. Great job.

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