Posted by: michellelanaphotography | September 2, 2010

MR & MRS Rogers!

Words cannot even describe how incredibly honoured I was when M&K (click here to see their engagement session) approached me to photograph their wedding!!  K and I worked together at the time and I had just started my business (and still hadn’t booked a wedding where I was the primary shooter I don’t think).  K was researching photographers and mentioned the idea of having me!  I was thrilled, and incredibly NERVOUS!  but totally thrilled!  I had confidence in my ability to document their day for them, but of course, the idea of the unknown… something new and exciting!!  It was TERRIFYING! lol I cannot even express how totally humbled I am that you guys gave me this chance… and I hope that I did not disappoint in any way!

The feelings in the air the morning of the big day were quite intense.   I’ve been a bride once before, so I can completely relate to every emotion that was going through K on this gorgeous morning. 

Hair and makeup looked fantastic!  **

While the ladies were getting all dolled up… I noticed outside there was a very fantastic tree ornament that I just HAD to play around with…

A very special thank you to Eileen Whitmore for second shooting this wedding for me 🙂  Eileen headed over to where the fella’s were getting ready and snapped some very fantastic photographs!

oh right, this is a wedding!!  we should be toasting with CHAMPAGNE not beer LOL

the ladies toasted with champagne also!

I just love the look of anticipation right before the ceremony *thanks Eileen for getting this shot!*…

nervous giggles

*again, thanks Eileen for this shot as well!!*


I love the way she’s looking at her groom

They released doves … this was the first time I’ve seen this.  Absolutely a beautiful touch to any wedding ceremony!

YAY!  We did it!!!

Then it was off to Campbell Valley Park for formal portraits!

one good lookin wedding party….

haha and here’s one of me … lending a helping hand with the bustle on her gown!

Then back to the Langley Golf Centre for the reception… haha pee break!  caughtcha!

we disappeared for a few minutes after dinner to get a couple portraits of the happy couple… I think it was well worth the sneak away don’t you?

there was no clingy of the glasses allowed at this wedding, unless of course you wanted to kiss the person sitting on your right LOL…. instead you had to compose a poem and read it out loud for all to hear…. we heard a few great ones!!!

and finally, if you’ve ever wondered what I look like when I’m working (lol) you can now thank Eileen… cause I can show you!!!

Thank you so much to the VERY happy couple and their families for inviting me to share in this fabulous day!  <3<3<3

For friends and family of the newlyweds… here is the link to all of the images from their day.  Please contact the couple for the password to their gallery



  1. you rocked it!!! these are all perfect!

  2. Kristen is going to LOVE these they are sooooo good!!!!

  3. […] last but not least…. A photograph of ME! lol… With Matt … He was a groom that hit the blog in August. ❤  Thanks for snapping it […]

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