Posted by: michellelanaphotography | September 10, 2010

Stephanie & Travis-Married!

You might remember Stephanie and Travis from their engagement session back in May.

This couple is just adorable!  They have the sweetest son!!  He’s such a happy little man!  All you have to do is look at him and his mouth opens wide and his eyes sparkle bright 🙂  Such a ham!
I enjoyed every aspect of this wedding.  They’re day was filled with such beautiful emotion.  It was really refreshing to be a part of such a great day!

This sweet little flowergirl, she loved playing with my iPhone.  I have quite a few fun games on their for my 3 year old, mostly for when he gets his hair cut and I need him to sit still! LOL

Yay, Talkin Karl!  Every kids favorite game!

All done, off to Stephanie’s parent’s house to get dressed!!

There was a little hiccup with the limo, so we had lots of time to get some fantastic photos of all the girls together!

Her parent’s live on a fantastic property.  There were actually deer skipping around on this fine morning!

Just love how involved this little princess was in the day!  She wanted to be in every pic!  Such a diva in training!

Then, off to the ceremony to GET MARRIED!!!

The boys made one ADORABLE arrival!

After the ceremony we headed to Haney Wharf for formal portraits.   And such a beautiful day for pictures!

Such a handsome man!

I had to include a couple of funnies from the day… because this wedding party was all about a good time!  The wind would NOT let up.  Poor Steph, her veil was in her face at LEAST 75% of the time LOL  Thanks for your help, Brad.  My trusty wedding day assistant!!

Some beautiful details from the day.  I just love the colours that Stephanie picked out!!

Such a good lookin’ wedding party!

And Steph, you looked absolutely GORGEOUS on your day!!

teehee… I just love these!

haha this darn veil


We had a little bit of time to kill … so we stepped into the Billy Miner!

Off to the reception!

We quickly slipped away to get some family photographs during the reception.  Just love this guy!


This brides got talent, she can pee standing up!!!

I don’t remember exactly what was said, but I’m thinking it was pretty good LOL

And this is when this kid started calling someone out.  He was clucking like a chicken LOL

All tuckered out 🙂  It’s been a very busy day!

First dance… I just love how in the bottom photo, junior is watching very close by!

Thank you so much for inviting me to share in your very gorgeous day.  You two are such a perfect match for eachother… I wish you tons of luck and a very long and happy future together.



  1. Gorgeous wedding and great shoot! You’re so talented Michelle!

  2. omigosh these are amaaaaaaaazing:)

  3. Nicely done Michelle! 🙂

  4. Michelle,
    You did an awesome job at our wedding! Im really glad we had you as a photographer:) Thank-you very much for all the work you did and all the fabulos picture you took:) look forward to having you again as our photographer maybe for newborn pictures or family pictures:):):)

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