Posted by: michellelanaphotography | October 17, 2010

J+R-10.10.10 Wedding!!

Chilliwack sets the spot.  Jeanine and Ryan’s big day.

Jeanine was STUNNING!

Then off to the White Album Wedding Chapel for the ceremony.  This is the most beautiful little chapel, from the 1800’s.  The smell of the wood inside, it’s mesmerizing.  I just LOVE this gorgeous church!

I love these 2 pics…. Jeanine and her Mom were looking out the window at the guests arriving and Ryan’s vehicle pulled up… Jeanine was so excited she shut the blinds!  LOL she didn’t want to see him before meeting him at the alter.  ❤

And Ryan’s first look at his bride…

YAY!!  We did it!!

We headed to downtown Chilliwack for photographs.  We were expecting a large rainfall this day but mother nature was very good to us and got all her yucky wetness out the day before…. This day was in fact gorgeous!!!

haha Ryan… told you this shot would hit my website 😛

The reception was held at the Coast Hotel.  First things first… drinks 🙂

And last but not least…. A photograph of ME! lol… With Matt … He was a groom that hit the blog in August. ❤  Thanks for snapping it Kristen 🙂

Jeanine and Ryan also had Pixstar Photobooth Rentals at the reception.  LET ME JUST SAY!!!  What a blast everyone had!!!!  Definitely a very exciting addition to any wedding.



  1. stunning photos and bride! You rock at weddings for sure!

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