Posted by: michellelanaphotography | March 25, 2011

My Own Personal Boudoir

Well, I finally did it.  I took the leap and had my own boudoir photo session done.  I was nervous, because I am at the biggest weight I have ever been.  I have a ‘I’ve had 2 babies’ body and I’m a size 14-16.  I’m by no means thin.  But I’m real.  I get countless email from women saying ‘I will do it once I drop 15-20lbs’ or ‘I couldn’t do it, I’m not thin enough’.  This is to show you that you do not have to be thin to be beautiful.

I originally did this session for my husband as a Valentine’s Day gift.  But… during the session, I realized that I was doing this for me.  I now know how all of my clients feel.  I was so nervous during the planning of the session.  Picking out what I was going to wear, making sure my hair and makeup were perfect.  But, in the end the results came out better than I’d imagined.  I’d never thought of myself as ‘sexy’ before.  I didn’t think I could be.  But, when I look at these photos I do see sexy!  I see pretty even!!!  Every woman deserves to feel this way!

Thank you so much to my sister for helping me take these photographs.  ❤



  1. LOVE this Michelle!!! You look amazing!! ❤

  2. Gorgeous as always Michelle! You look fab!


  4. *AMEN* Your look beautiful! makes me consider maybe doing it one day with judging myself so harshly!

  5. Wow!!! The three in colour are simply georgous!!!!

  6. Michelle you look amazing!! Never underestimate yourself! You’re right, I totally agree with you-rrrrrhaaaaaaawww, hot!hot!hot! I was wandering when we’d get to see you on the other side of the lens:) you look flawless and beautiful!

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