Posted by: michellelanaphotography | May 16, 2011


During our meeting to talk about their wedding, M&L mentioned that they were thinking about doing their engagement session at their favorite spot to boat to, Granite Falls.  I am not a big boater… I mostly boat when visiting family in the Shuswap but of course, I’m up for anything and was totally excited by their description of the location.
In the lead up to our session, the forecast was pretty grim!  RAIN RAIN RAIN was all we’d been seeing and RAIN RAIN RAIN was all they were predicting.  But, we totally lucked out and saw a break from that rain just in time for this special day!  When they were talking about the location, they said it was a beautiful waterfall but I really didn’t know what to expect until we got there.  Normally, I would visit the location before a session, to see what we were going to be working with lighting-wise, etc… but this was just one of those ‘fly by the seats’ sorta things.  They certainly were right.  I have never seen anything so breathtaking!  Just gorgeous!!



  1. LOVE this!!!! What stunning scenery! Amazing work!

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